BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Chet Deshpande performs the first Technology Assisted Hip Replacement Surgery in the region at the Chatham Orthopaedics Surgery Center 1/11/21.

VELYS Hip Navigation is an innovative, non-invasive technology that surgeons use to help ensure accuracy and precision in hip replacement surgery. During surgery, a picture called a fluoroscopy is taken of your hip and analyzed in real-time, with the aim of achieving the best alignment and placement of the acetabular and femoral components of your new hip implant in order to match the implant with your anatomy. This technology does not require the insertion of pins into the bone or any additional incisions in the skin.

The advantages of VELYS Hip Navigation include:

Restoration of your leg length may lead to better hip stability and preservation of your hip’s natural movement.
Verification of desired implant position that helps reduce the likelihood of hip dislocation and increase the joint’s stability, as well as the potential to increase operating room efficiency and reduce operative time.

For more information regarding this cutting edge technology offered only at Chatham Orthopaedic Associates, call (912) 355-6615.

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