The goal of our staff is to offer each patient the most pleasant and efficient experience possible. There are approximately five staff members for each physician in the practice. With experience averaging greater than 10 years per staff member, you can rest assured you are in great hands.

Clinical Staff

Chatham Orthopaedics Clinical Staff
Licensed Practical Nurse
A licensed practical nurse assists the physician with gathering initial patient information, such as medications and medical history. He / She also works with the patient to preauthorize any tests or procedures with the third-party payer. A licensed medical nurse has obtained formal education and holds a state license.

Medical Assistant
A medical assistant also assists the physician with gathering initial patient information and preauthorization. He / She may have a certification from a formal training program.

Orthopaedic Technician
An orthopaedic technician fits patients with braces and splints. In addition, he / she sets patients with casts. Lastly, he / she fits patients with other durable medical equipment.

Imaging Staff

Chatham Orthopaedics MRI and X-Ray Imaging Staff
MRI Technologist
An MRI technologist is a certified technologist that scans patients using magnetic resonance imaging. MRI technologists have formal training and certifications.

X-Ray Technologist
An X-Ray technologist is a certified technologist that radiographs patients. X-Ray technologists have formal training and certifications.

Support Services

Chatham Orthopaedics Support Staff
Patient Representative
A patient representative receives patient and visitors, processes and maintains patient information, collects copays and patient balances and schedules patients.

New Patient Coordinator
The new patient coordinator obtains new patient information, schedules initial appointments, verifies insurance information and checks copays. The new patient coordinator ensures a new patient’s first visit is a seamless experience, while communicating all medical information to the physician. In addition, the coordinator ensures all insurance information is obtained and entered into the system, allowing the front office team to accurately request copays and communicate financial policy.

Patient Account Representative
The patient account representative coordinates insurance verification and referrals. He / She also counsels patients on account issues and balances.

Worker’s Compensation Representative
The worker’s compensation representative receives referrals from worker’s compensation agencies and effectively processes and maintains patient information, physician schedules and communications.

Medical Records Specialists

Chatham Orthopaedics Medical Records Specialists
Medical Records Specialist
Medical records specialists perform duties related to the request and release of medical records. He / She is specifically trained in HIPAA compliance to ensure confidentiality.