Cervical radiculopathy is the term used to describe radiating nerve pain that begins in the neck region and runs down the shoulder, arm, forearm or into the hand and is associated with a neurologic deficit such as numbness or weakness.

Cervical Radiculopathy


The diagnosis of radiculopathy is typically made by taking a detailed patient history alone. Physical examination can further clarify the diagnosis. However, an MRI of the cervical spine will often be required to confirm the actual cause of the radicular pain.

Treatment Options

Often, patients with cervical radiculopathy will quickly improve with a few days of rest and oral anti-inflammatory medications. Muscle relaxant medications can sometimes be used for severe pain and muscle spasms. Cervical epidural steroid injection and/or nerve root blocks may also be utilized for severe pain or moderate pain that is no longer responding to other conservative measures. Surgical options, such as anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, disc arthroplasty or microscopic cervical foraminotomy may be recommended for patients who do not benefit from conservative treatments.

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