Chatham Orthopaedics specializes in treatment options for pinched nerve pain and the underlying conditions that cause these symptoms. We offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatment options, including physical therapy, pain management, surgery, and joint injections. If you are experiencing symptoms related to a pinched nerve, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Spine Pinched Nerve Causes

The most common causes of a pinched nerve in the spine are:

  • Spinal Stenosis — Spinal stenosis is a condition that’s caused by the narrowing or constriction of the spinal cord. When the spinal cord compression is severe, it generally manifests as myelopathy.
  • Herniated Disc — A herniated disc occurs when the intervertebral disc is injured, allowing its contents to bulge or protrude into the spinal canal. This herniation can result in a compression of the nearby nerves.
  • Degenerative Disc Disease — Degenerative disc disease occurs when a spinal disc weakens, allowing vertebral bones above and below the disc to shift, causing pinching of nearby nerve roots.
  • Bone Spurs — Bone spurs are growths that form on the joints in the lower back. Bone spurs can occur without any noticeable symptoms, but in severe cases they can compress nerves in the lower back, causing neurological symptoms.
  • Arthritis — Osteoarthritis of the spine is a condition that causes inflammation, pain, and stiffness. This condition can also result in bone spurs, which may irritate or pinch nearby nerves in the spine.

Pinched Nerve Symptoms

Pinched nerves caused by any of the conditions described above often result in sciatica, or lumbar radiculopathy. Sciatica is condition that causes radiating nerve pain that begins in the lower back and buttock region, runs down the back or side of the thigh and leg, and often into the foot. Symptoms may also include pain, weakness, tingling, or numbness, and may vary depending on the severity of the pinched nerve.

Sciatica & Pinched Nerve Treatment Options

If you are experiencing pinched nerve or sciatica symptoms, contact us today to schedule an appointment. The Chatham Orthopaedic offices located in Savannah, Rincon, Richmond Hill, and Pooler offer comprehensive treatment solutions for conditions related to pinched nerve pain and sciatica. With both surgical and non-surgical treatment options, our orthopaedic doctors can provide the attention and expertise you need.

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